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We welcome everyone no matter your age, shape, size or gender.
Our programs will transform your body and spirit and lead to a stronger more confident you!


Pole Conditioning & Drills

With Teacher Sheri | All Levels | 1hr

Pole Conditioning & Drills is all about muscle conditioning. It will target areas that are specific to pole athletics. This class is great for beginners in building a strong foundation and advanced polers to keep refreshing their skills. All levels are welcome to feel the burn!

Choreo Fundamentals

With Teacher Sheri | Beginner | 1hr

Choreo Fundamentals is a beginner level class with a strong focus on dance using the pole. Students will learn to think differently about how choreography works, basic dance vocabulary, class etiquette, and dance technique while developing full body awareness. A new dance combination will be taught each week.


Intro to Pole

With Teacher Jen | Beginner | 1hr

If you have never taken a pole class before, this class is for you! We recommend taking Intro to Pole 3-5 times. This class is geared towards having fun while learning a routine that will have you dancing on the pole, around the pole, and on the floor. It is great for all athletic abilities and backgrounds. Once you have mastered the beginner routine you will be ready to move on to Intro to Choreo and Pole Fundamentals 1.

Pole Fundamentals 1

With Teacher Jen | Beginner | 1hr

In this beginner level class, we will build your strength and endurance with conditioning exercises to do basic pole climbs, pole sits, and pole spins. It will incorporate both static and spin pole techniques. This class will focus on breaking down the beginner moves & tricks to safely prepare you for Pole Fundamentals 1.5 and does not practice inversions.


Pole Fundamentals 1.5

With Teacher Irene | Intermediate | 1hr

In Pole Fundamentals 1.5 you will take your newly acquired skills to the next level. Learn how to safely and properly practice inversions, leg hangs, and new tricks to add to your pole vocabulary. This class includes pole conditioning and is perfect for the student who wants to build the strength and muscle memory necessary to advance to higher level classes. Prepare to use those muscles!

Prerequisites: Students who have taken Pole Fundamentals 1, basic spins, climbs, and pole sit. See instructor for approval.

Low Flow

With Teacher Irene | All Levels | 1hr

In this class you will learn a low flow combo including base work, transitions, and tricks with the emphasis of using the lower half of your pole. Classes are meant to help you with fluid transitions, craft your own style, and stand with confidence. Moves can be done with or without heels.

Prerequisite: Students are recommended to have taken Pole Fundamentals 1 and know basic pole holds (i.e. pirouette, fan kicks.)

Class Attire: Heels or platform heels are encouraged but not required, knee pads, leg warmers, leggings and shirt to cover your shoulders are highly recommended.


Pole Choreo

With Teacher Jen | Intermediate | 1hr

Recommended for those who love to dance and want the challenge of adding pole to their repertoire. This class is geared towards taking your Pole experience to the next level. In this class you will be working on a variety of routines including pole routines, chair dances, burlesque moves and combination spins.


Students are recommended to take Intro to Pole and Choreo Fundamentals to become comfortable learning choreography

Class Attire: Be prepared by bringing your heels, knee pads, leg warmers, leggings and shirt to cover your shoulders.

Pole Fundamentals 2

With Teacher Jen | Advanced | 1hr

Pole Fundamentals 2 is for advanced students ready to move from the ground into the sky. We will work on transitioning from the floor with creative inversions, aerial transitions, and inversion combos. Be ready to be challenged and push your limits!

Prerequisites: Must have instructor approval, poling for several months or longer, must be comfortable in climbs and inversions.

Every Other

Pole Lab

With Teacher Haley | All Levels | 1.5hrs

Are you interested in learning new tricks? Did you pick up some choreography and need help working on specific moves? Do you want to refine your freestyle and flow skills? Just here to play? Pole Lab is a new 90 minute class that will combine the tricks and transitions we learn with freestyle and flow. It offers a chance to workshop specific moves and combos as well as the opportunity to flow and build on your freestyle skills. All levels welcome!

Class Attire: Heels and outfits are optional but highly encouraged.

Every Other


With Teacher Brittany | All Levels | 1hr

Get ready to turn your world upside down in this inversions-focused class! We'll explore a variety of inversions and drills, with a focus on handstands, headstands, and forearm stands.


Whether you're a seasoned inversion pro or just starting out on your inversion journey, this class will help you build the strength, balance, and technique needed to master these challenging poses. We'll work on drills and exercises to help you safely progress towards your inversion goals, as well as techniques to help you stay balanced and supported while upside down.


With Teacher Brittany | All Levels | 1hr

Unlock your full flexibility potential with this class focused on splits and backbends! We'll work on improving your range of motion and overall flexibility through dynamic stretching, static holds, and targeted exercises. Remember, the key to flexibility is strength, so we'll also focus on building the muscle groups that support your flexibility goals. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, this class will meet you where you're at and help you progress safely and effectively. Join me and take the first step towards achieving your flexibility aspirations!

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Invest in yourself!

We offer a variety of affordable Pricing Options and Class Packages to fit your budget!

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Fresno, CA 93727
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